Looking for a teenchester drawing

I have been searching for this drawing for about two weeks now and have had no luck. I don't remember where I found it, but it shows a young Sam about 12 in a sports uniform with a leg cast or a wrapped leg standing on his tip toes to give Dean a hug. The setting is a kitchen and I have no idea if this was art from a story or not. Could be considered brothers or underage Wincest.

Any help would be appreciated.



I like to also thank both responders for their help. It's really appreciated.

Curtains Dean

FOUND!!! thanks to cloex_brosluvr and winchestergirl, J2 photos


UPDATE: Found thanks to cloex_brosluvr's speedy assist and all in one handy url!!!! : )))

Oh! And because two urls are even better than one winchestergirl also sent me a high rez link

Thanks so much to you both!!!♥♥

Hi there, I know I had copies of this photo shoot in high resolution, but for the life of me I can't find them. UGHH there were a whole bunch of them….

ALSO I am looking for the photoshoot of the boys in the 1950's outfit that looked like a detective novel. Jensen had a really expensive coat and a hat held over his crotch in one?

Lastly, if I'm going to be greedy, I also can't find the high rez of Jared in the denim shirt and the white beanie.
I am a total loser.

Ring any bells? If anyone knows where to find High rez of those two shoots I'd be very grateful!
wincest01, j201

Really, Really Easy Guides To Making Great Dean/Sam Manips And Fan Vids

I really, deserately need a For Dummies type guide on how to make really realistic Dean/Sam Manips with Gimp, Paint Shop Pro, or some other picture program so long as I can download it for free. I would also love a similar guide on how to make great Dean/Sam fan vids and what programs are best to use (again, as long as I can download them for free). Please, please help me! I've looked all over the place but I'm not having any luck.

wincest01, j201

Seeking Two Supernatural LJ Layouts

Hi, I have absolutely no clue how to create my own LJ layouts and don't really feel like trying to learn, so I was hoping somebody here might be able to help me out. Here are my requests:

01) For my main journal, lazalot_anreads, I'd really like an intimate Dean/Sam layout with dark coloring but font that is light enough that nobody will have any trouble reading it. When I say intimate, I mean anything from kissing to more serious compromising positions. I wouldn't mind if there were a variety of pictures, even, and I'd love it if some of the more Wincest suggestive quotes from the show were included. Quotes from Wincest fan fictions that are really popular (you know, the ones that tend to get recommended over and over) with the exception of AUs. Of course, fan fiction quotes should only be used with the authors' permission, I think, because you never know who will care about that sort of thing.

02) The other layout I'm requesting is for a Wincest and J2 challenge community I created several months ago called write_on69 that so far isn't doing all that great (nearly every challenge posted was issued by me), but that I'm hoping will eventually take off. Once again, I want a Wincest theme, this time with a kissing theme as well as the title of the community and a brief description. For this layout, I'd like some Valentine's Day coloring, once again with clearly legible writing.

You can look at my journal and my community to get a feel for it, although my journal is pretty sparse so I doubt it will do much good to take a look. My community, on the other hand, might spark some inspiration. The rest is up to the artist or artists, and of course it doesn't have to fit my ideas exactly so long as it looks good. Can anybody help me, please? Oh, and if someone does decide to do one or both of these for me, can you give me instructions on how to put it up? I'll need the For Dummies version. Well, thank you all and I hope someone decides to help! I'd really, really appreciate it! Thank you all muchly!

PS: I'm not entirely sure if I've tagged this correctly, so please let me know if I need to fix it. Thank you!
Gun Dean rays of light

Outstretched Jensen/Dean arms

I have a little odd request. I want to do a manip, using a certain base that I have, but to do it I need a set of Jensen arms. Or Dean arms. Preferably bare, Outstretched on either side of him (forming a T with his body). Ideally a front on view from straight on or a little bit worms eye viewpoint.

Does anyone know of a scene in SPN or a RL shot where he does that. He stretches out his arms in Eye of the Tiger, but I need bare arms or at the very least a Henley.

I seem to remember running across shots of him doing this, but of course now that I'm actively looking, I can't find anything.

If anyone has any ideas I'd be very thankful!
: )